INTRIX Face Shield Mask (Sanitised with 75% IPA) - 100 PCS


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Our Face Shield for Professional Protection is designed to be a protective layer from viruses and fluids, so you can go out for work or chores with peace of mind. It is made from 100% transparent PVC for optically clear vision, and premium forehead foam for extra comfort. This face shield is also sanitised with 75% Isopropyl Alcohol to meet our high standards of hygiene. 

The wrap-round design with tight and stable holding ensures full protection from direct splatter and can help to prolong mask life. It is also resistant to high temperature and shock. 

  • Made in Malaysia by TUV certified ISO 9001 factory, directly from factory
  • Application: Face and eye protection, anti-droplets
  • Full face protection
  • Anti-fog, easy to wear, and flexible head strap
  • Sanitised with 75% Isopropyl Alcohol as per CDC (US) recommendation
  • Suitable for professional use: front liners, healthcare, doctors, nurses, dentists, veterinarians
  • Suitable for normal daily use, for groceries shopping, etc.
  • Comfortable for long hour usage : cashier, waiter/waitress, barbers, drivers, chiefs
  • Material: 100% transparent PVC
  • Forehead premium foam for comfortable wear
  • 100% stability
  • Size per piece: 210mm(H) x 297mm(W)